Outside school Programs

Customized Group & Corporate Tai Chi Programs

All our programs are customized to respond to the many needs and interests that arise from our challenging modern life. Tai Chi-based exercises provide the tools to de-stress, and to experience a total re-boot and realization of one's potential.

Our School offers the following outside school programs:

All our experienced instructors have CPR certification and are covered by our school insurance (maximum $2,000,000) 

1.     Private Tai Chi Lessons

(Starting from $65/hour) 

· Participating in our regular Course Program is an excellent way to learn the basic requirements and choreography of a Tai Chi routine. However Private Lessons are essential to advance to higher levels in the study of Tai Chi.
· Individualized instruction, goal setting and personal encouragement will accelerate your learning experience and help you to integrate advanced theoretical and practical Tai Chi concepts into your Tai Chi practice.

2.     Sitting Tai Chi for Retirement / Senior Homes

(Special rate: starting at $55 for 45 minutes) 

This program is for those who cannot do standing exercises. For these classes, Tai Chi exercises have been modified to accommodate what seniors can do.  We are currently running over ten classes for Seniors in different locations, so this program is becoming popular.

3.     Customized Health and Fitness Programs 

(starting from $85/hour) 

These programs are designed to target particular health and fitness needs and interests such as:

· Overall Health & Wellness, Relaxation & Stress Control, Body Posture, Internal Circulation, Fitness, Weight Control, Balance, Coordination, Strength, Flexibility, Meditation, Breathing Methods, Personal Growth, Mind/Body Coordination

· The programs can be tailored to youth, teenagers, adults, or senior groups, and delivered at fitness and community centres, schools, or the workplace.

4.     Performance Enhancement Programs  

(starting from $85/hour) 

These programs are tailored to enhance your performance in a particular arts and activities such as:

· Sports (e.g., Basketball), Performance Arts (e.g., Dance), Athletics, Martial Arts, Sparring, Self-Defence
· In addition to customized physical exercises, the programs can include mind body control concepts and training, and advanced Tai Chi concepts and principles training

5.     Group Educational Tai Chi Seminar / Workshop Programs  

(starting from $120 / hour) 


The seminar uses PowerPoint presentations and handouts to help people learn about Tai Chi. The workshop enables them to experience some Tai Chi exercises first hand.   

Topics for the seminar / workshop could be tailored to meet audience needs and interests.

6.     Our Tai Chi Performance Team is well trained and available for shows, performances, or demonstrations.

(Prices vary according to the event)


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