Tai Chi training with partner

This class focuses on Tai Chi applications that involve a partner. The main topics are: Tai Chi Push Hands, Self Defense, and Martial Art Tai Chi. Benefits of the class: Students will learn how to practically apply Tai Chi techniques.

This class applies the full range of Tai Chi techniques to master self-control and control an opponent by learning how to lock joints, work with a long staff, and practice in a safe, controlled environment. The teaching and training are set according the student’s level of ability. At the beginning students work cooperatively in pairs to study and practice the principles of relaxation, sensitivity, timing, coordination and balance. Then they learn how to generate leverage, neutralize and redirect various types of force. And if students wish, they can progress to practicing Tai Chi as a competitive sport.


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Scarborough, Toronto, ON, M1P 2X5, Canada

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