Cultivating Tai Chi Classes

Cultivating Tai Chi Classes.

Tai Chi Cultivation Classes select and focus on some of the many features of Tai Chi.  The aim is to improve personal health, both physical and internal. The class design is based on students’ progress, with the objective of improving student performance. Students can choose different classes based on his/her needs, and can join them at any time

Tai Chi Softness Work   

This class focuses on Stretching. And uses it as a means to achieve physical and mental relaxation. Benefits of the class: Improved flexibility of the body and a calm mind

. Tai Chi Qi Gong                  

This class will teach you the breathing technique used in Tai Chi. The objective is to achieve harmony between internal movement (chi) and external (physical) movement. Benefits of the class: Improving one’s health through internal chi exercises.

. Tai Chi Gong + Kinetic Set

This class is divided into 2 parts: Gong and Tai Chi fundamentals. The Gong section practices the fundamental body movements of opening, closing, and rotation.  The objective is to give students adequate physical exercise. The Tai Chi fundamentals section introduces students to the basic movements of Tai Chi as a preparation to learning Tai Chi. Benefits of the class: Improving one’s health through Gong exercise and the opportunity to get to know Tai Chi. Students who find they’re interested in Tai Chi will advance to our regular Tai Chi classes

. Tai Chi Sword Exercise     

This class introduces students to Tai Chi Sword. It will work on posture, gaze, hand and foot work for each basic sword movement. Benefits of the class: An opportunity to be introduced to Tai Chi Sword. Students who find they’re interested in learning the full sword form will advance to our regular Tai Chi Sword classes.

. Intensive Tai Chi Training  

This class focuses on intensive free-hand Tai Chi movements. The class will make use of equipment as an aid to help students experience Tai Chi explosive power. Benefits of the class: Students will be introduced to, and learn how to use, explosive power in Tai Chi.

. Tai Chi with Partner

This class focuses on Tai Chi applications that involve a partner. The main topics are: Tai Chi Push Hands, Self Defense, and Martial Art Tai Chi. Benefits of the class: Students will learn how to practically apply Tai Chi techniques.

.  Tai Chi for 55 +                       

This class is tailored to the elderly. The Tai Chi exercises are low intensity and suitable for elderly students. The class is available from Monday to Friday. Benefits of the class: Elderly students will receive adequate exercise and health improvements.

. Tai Chi Ball                      

This class explores the Traditional Tai Chi Ball exercises. These exercises help maintain upper and lower limb balance. Benefits of the class: Students will receive a moderate amount of exercise and improved balance.

. Tai Chi Theory and Workshop   

This class teaches the 20 most important tai chi topics in the Ji Hong Tai Chi System. Students will learn the theory underlying each topic and how to continue training in order to successfully incorporate each topic in their tai chi movements and forms. Benefits of the class: A deeper appreciation of the various components of Tai Chi.

. Tai Chi Form Refinement       

This class who want to further develop and improve Tai Chi Forms they have already learned. The class will focus on more detailed coordinated execution of the moves, increasing the degree of difficulty, rhythm control, and the incorporation of other refinement techniques. Benefits of the class: Enhancing the overall level of one’s tai chi form.

. Tai Chi Joint and Muscles Maintenance Exercises

This class focuses on exercises that improve joint and tendon strength and flexibility. Benefits of the class: Maintaining and improving one’s joint and muscle condition.

. Follow Me Tai Chi  

These thirty minutes sessions consist of practicing tai chi by following a qualified instructor doing gong routines on a TV video. And another thirty minutes doing Tai Chi form leading by a qualified instructor. Seven days a week for one price. And free admission to “Tai Chi Practice Time” is included.

. Tai Chi Practice Time 

Practice Time provides a place for students to be able to practice tai chi exercises and routines taught at this school on their own.

 Sitting Tai Chi 

This program is for those who cannot do standing exercises. For these classes, Tai Chi exercises have been modified to accommodate what they can do.  We are currently running over ten classes for Seniors in different locations, so this program is becoming popular.


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