Tai Chi School Toronto

Ji Hong Tai Chi Toronto was established in 1991 in Scarborough, Ontario, as a branch of Ji Hong Tai Chi Edmonton, and has since been successfully operating under Head Instructor (Jim) Jian  Xiong Liang.

We are specialized in teaching Tai Chi for various goals, purposes, level of interests and ages. Our programs are designed to improve physical development, fitness, relaxation, and health. We teach Beginner, Traditional Tai Chi, Tai Chi Weapons, Push Hands, Tai Chi Gong, self-defense and internal training methods. Please check our Programs section for more details. As a principal method of instruction we have been using "The Ji Hong Tai Chi System" with great success. This method not only incorporates a systematic, scientifically based approach to the principles of Tai Chi but also uses contemporary language and easy to comprehend concepts to facilitate learning Tai Chi. Our certified instructors are friendly and supportive with students' progress and enjoyment in mind.

Beginners may join all appropriate Tai Chi and Gong Classes at any time during a term. For details of our currently offered classes please review our Class Schedule.


1220 Ellesmere road, unit 9
Scarborough, Toronto, ON, M1P 2X5, Canada

Tel: 416.704.9288

Email: jhtcschool@gmail.com

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