Systematic Teaching Method

Based on Grand Master Luo's research, Master Hong-Yuan Luo and his wife Master Jennifer Gu adopted the "Theory of Systematic Approach to Tai Chi" and "Scientific Training Methods of Tai Chi", and have been continuing to research and refine the Ji Hong Tai Chi System to make learning Tai Chi easier.

Both Masters began to study Tai Chi and other martial arts skills at a very early age from Master Luo's father, and graduated with honours from the Department of Physical Education at the University of Guangdong in China, with a major in martial arts and Qi Gong. Master Luo and Master Gu lectured and instructed at the South China Normal University. While travelling all over China they learned from many famous Tai Chi and Qi Gong Masters.

Both Master Luo and Master Gu won gold medals at numerous Chinese national competitions in Tai Chi and other martial arts, the most prestigious being the International Tai Chi competition at Wuhan in 1984, where they took gold medals in the men's and women's traditional Tai Chi forms.

After immigrating to Canada Master Luo and Master Gu founded the Ji Hong Tai Chi & Wushu College in 1989 in Edmonton, Alberta. The name of the College was chosen in honour of the late Tai Chi Grand Master Ji Hong Luo. Click Link to the Head Office of Ji Hong Tai Chi & Wushu College.

The systematic approach to Tai Chi training has not only paid off for both Masters but also for their successive generations of their students. Ji Hong students have been competing at many local and international competitions in China, Southeast Asia and North America.

All Ji Hong schools use "The Ji Hong Tai Chi System" as a method of instruction and teaching Tai Chi. In addition to many articles and an earlier publication on Tai Chi theory, Master Luo and Master Gu published a Chinese and an English book titled "The Ji Hong Tai Chi System, Evolutionary Theory, Application, Methodology".

Ji Hong Tai Chi College provides instruction in the different styles of Tai Chi - Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu/Hao - as well as weapons, push hand, Qi Gong, and children's kung fu. The college emphasises physical development and fitness. All instructors are certified.

The natural and scientifically expounded Tai Chi principles allow for the achievment of integration not only in the martial arts but also in day-to-day, recreational, sports and high-performance activities that require balance, relaxation, and mind/body harmony. The 'Ji Hong Tai Chi System' is a versatile training method that brings results. Students who have been using our method have become healthy and strong, which not only enables them to deal with life's stress but also provides the foundation for high performance.

History of the Ji Hong Tai Chi System - GrandMaster Ji Hong Luo

Owing his recovery from a terminal illness to the healing benefits of Tai Chi, Grand Master Ji Hong Luo dedicated more than 30 years to researching Tai Chi and to developing the foundation of a modern, systematic and scientific teaching method for Tai Chi, which he formulated in "Theory of Systematic Approach to Tai Chi" and "Scientific Training Methods of Tai Chi".

Lei Mu Ni teaching Chen style Taijiquan (1986)

 During his study of Taiji, Ji Hong Luo concluded that the level of quality in Taiji practice was declining from one generation to the other. Rather than developing their art, certain individuals within Taiji circles sought to be recognized as the true heir to Taiji. A backward, corrupt, closed and conceited heritage system, in combination with the lack of guidance from scientific theory, seriously stood in the way of Taiji moving to a higher level.

Reminiscence of Grand Master Ji Hong Luo's Taiji Journey: The Light of Taiji.


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